G2 Math Program

Cambridge, MA

July 20 - August 2, 2024

G2 (Girls Together) Math Program is a free summer camp for female and non-binary high school students to come together to learn olympiad math.



Our Mission

We bring students who do math together. Our students are bright high schoolers looking to improve on proof-based math like that found on the USA(J)MO. Our staff includes some of the most successful women in math competitions. Together, we are creating a strong female math community.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a need for a girls' math camp?

Women face many challenges as a minority in math. The discrepancy only grows towards the top levels of competition. By bringing top girls in math together, we seek to address several key issues.

Is G2 Math Program for me?

You are eligible to apply if you identify as female or non-binary, are entering 9th-12th grade in Fall 2023, are at least 14 years old on the first day of camp, and are a U.S./Canadian citizen/resident or go to school in the U.S. or Canada. Beyond that, our main requirement is that you want to learn olympiad math. You do not need to have qualified for the USA(J)MO before.

Is this like a girls' MOP? Will this camp be used for EGMO selection?

No, this program is operated entirely independently of any of the MAA programs, so attending G2 Math Program has no impact on your chances with making MOP or the EGMO team. However, many of our students have or will go on to have a strong performance in the U.S. contest series.



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